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If you are fans of hiking, well then you will be pleased, and there is something for all levels: 250 km of marked trails line the Pays Baumois !
17 routes in total that will allow you to discover our beautiful Doubs valley, ridges, views, valley Cusancin...
The forest is a treasure to be enjoyed and discovered: nothing like a horse or pony ride.The "Ecuries de la Grange" offer edutainment and riding lessons.

In mountain bike, discover a rich and generous nature, and in the surrounding hills, stunning scenery !
4 trails, starting in Baume-les-Dames (Jouffroy Abbans monument), easy to difficult level exist in Pays Baumois.
These routes represent about 100 km of marked trails.

Discover the Doubs valley from Eurovélo 6 on old towpaths !

What is EuroVelo 6 ?

  • 43000 km of bicycle paths linking Nantes to Budapest, following the course of prestigious rivers !
  • 187 km of trails in Franche-Comté, from Dole to Alenjoie (135 km in the Doubs, 42 km in the Jura and 10 km in the Territoire de Belfort)
  • A continuous cycle route, secured and signposted.
  • A greenway for strolling, walking, cycling, roller skating, in order to take time to contemplate the scenery, meet people...
  • Exceptional sites